The New
Branch Model

A Better Way to Grow Your Branch


We have improved the traditional branch model - giving you complete control to "own your market" by establishing a local brand powered by Client Direct Mortgage.

Integrated Technology

Our all-in-one platform integrates to make originating EASIER for your team. Our LOS, CRM, PPE, Phone, SMS & more are available in your pocket.

Enhanced Programs

Your team will stand out as an industry leader with exclusive offerings to help MORE of your
clients get approved.

Product Differentiation

While we have our favorites, we work with 55+ lenders to bring your team a diverse set of products to help you close more deals.

Expenses we Cover

Expenses add up when managing your branch. We'll cover your credit reports, rapid rescores, lock extensions, and more on selected loans.

In-house Processing

Our Internal Operations team can fully process your loan file from beginning to end. If you prefer to take the lead on processing, you can.

Lock Your Own Loans

We give you the power to lock your own loans anytime*. Locking on the weekend? No problem, you'll usr the previous Friday rates.

Tailored Support

From our robust knowledge base that immediately provides solutions to commonly asked questions, to our live support line, and amazing team.

Business Development

Our Strategy team will help you identify the ideal clients for our unique loan products and grow your network of referral partners- we'll even compensate your referral partners.

Loan Officer Recruitment

You will have the ability to tap into our network of recruiters and we'll help you grow by referring interested LOs to your team.

Marketing & Branding

Not only will we help build your brand, our on-demand marketing tools empower your LOs to create campaigns and materials as needed.


The Onboarding team will take a deep dive into our systems, processes, and platforms, allowing your LOs to start originating the same week!

Ongoing Training

We offer daily & weekly training sessions to help users learn how to use our platforms, real-time sales strategies and building your branch.

"We introduced a comprehensive 'ecosystem' that comprises the platform, processes, knowledge base, support and partnerships, ensuring a smooth experience in an otherwise unpredictable brokering environment."

  • Ramon Von Walker, President & CEO

Grow Your
LO Count without Limits

One Successful
Deal per Month Guarantee

Holistic Recruitment Approach with a Competent Team to Expand Your Branch
Exceptional Lead Acquisition Tactics Guaranteed to Help your LOs bring in at least 1 Loan per Month


We Help You Get Business

We provide a detailed approach to recruitment including:

  • Targeted Talent Acquisition

  • Innovative Outreach Methods

  • Streamlined Selection Process

  • Robust Training Programs

  • Continuous Improvement

Top Producing Realtor #1

Top Producing Realtor #2

  • Data and Analytic driven Realtor prospects

  • Purchase Loan Strategy

  • Proprietary Loan Program for Exclusivity

  • On-demand Marketing Flyers

  • Custom property website

Here are two concrete responses of the many we received from Realtors who were part of our One Close per Month strategy.
They called back within 24 hours of initial engagement!

Here are a few of the elements comprising our assurance of one successful deal per month strategy:

The Proof is in the Pudding

We provide a retail experience with the optionality of a broker.

woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket
woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket


Loan Officer Comp Controls

  • Branch Level Price Groups

  • Set your Branch Margins by Investor, Program, etc.

  • MeridianLink Granular Pricing Control System

  • Individually set each Loan Officer's Compensation

  • Set Minimums / Maximums for each Loan Officer

  • Modify Compensation every 90 days

  • Total Control of Pricing Incentives

  • Access to Raw Rates

  • No Company Caps

"One Size" does not "Fit All" when discussing loan officer compensation. A significant part of each loan officer's success is related to their compensation strategy.
We have the granular system you need to deliver the proper structure to each of your loan officers.


Integrated Technology

An end-to-end mortgage collaboration software to ensure your company has full transparency into every loan. Every component is integrated into one system.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers
people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

All-in-One Technology

white and brown concrete house near green trees during daytime
white and brown concrete house near green trees during daytime


Product Differentiation

Our team is constantly identifying lender partners and products that meet the moment. We want you to have the flexibility to find a loan product match for a wide array of clients.

Diverse Lending Products

We empower you to grow your
production and your team.


Full Service, In-House Processing

Our internal Operations team fully processes your loan file from beginning to end. We also partner with licensed Contract Processors in the mortgage industry who have obtained the necessary state licenses to process your loan files.

Lock Your Own Loans

Although our team is fully equipped to assist your branch with managing your pipeline, you still have the ability to lock your loans anytime.

Sales to Operations - Getting to the
Finish Line

On average, disclosures are sent out within 1 hour on specific loans.
We even provide a 5-day rate lock extension on specific loans.

Verified Pre-Approvals

When your client has a Verified Approval, they get the confidence of being approved – even before they start shopping! They'll know how much you can afford and can act fast with your offer.

This provides your borrower greater certainty and reassurance.

Instant Quoting &
Pricing Incentive

In our Salesforce platform, you can produce multiple quotes in minutes. There is no need for any price incentive escalations; you can add incentives in real-time.

Email or text unlimited quotes anytime
We pay for Credit Reports

We provide credit reports at no cost to the Loan Officer or the client on some loans.

We pay for Rapid Rescores

Whether your client is credit challenged or has a "good" credit score, a Rapid Rescore can help every client. We allow you to rescore at no cost to the Loan Officer or client on some loans.

How We Save Your Branch Money


We pay for Lock Extensions

When you need more time on a file, we hav e your back. We'll extend the lock at no cost to you or your client up to 5 days, on some loans.

Support and Training


On-Demand Support

Ongoing Training

SOS Operations Hotline - get live, immediate feedback on all operations & processing questions

Loan Officer Toolbox - step-by-step guide of what and how you should

Weekly Instructor-Led Training - from identifying clients to objection handling

Platform Training - in-depth refreshers and new feature training on how to use our systems

All-Expense Paid Trip


Weekly Onboarding - Every week, our team will onboard your new Loan Officers. They will take a deep dive into our systems, processes, and platforms--and they can start originating the same week.

Ticket System - puts you in directly in touch with the internal team that can assist with everything from licensing, leads and more

All Access - our exclusive all-expense paid trip to visit our top investor where you will learn about our strategies, processes, and platforms. Meet with key leadership, network with fellow LOs, and build community.

Robust Search-Engine and Knowledge base - quickly find the answer you need

We'll create and manage your custom website--from building it out to ongoing updates. We have your online presence covered.
black flat screen computer monitor and gray wireless mouse
black flat screen computer monitor and gray wireless mouse
woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall
space gray iPhone X beside turned on laptop beside coffee and succulent plant
space gray iPhone X beside turned on laptop beside coffee and succulent plant

Branding and Marketing


Custom Website and Digital Application Link

Video is a powerful tool that captures attention more effectively than text or images. In fact, research shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.
Social media helps you grow your network exponentially. We assist you in creating an online presence that helps you attract borrowers.

Video Production

Social Media

person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab

Marketing Collateral

You have the ability to customize print materials to educate your clients on your products and business.

Branch Fees


Fee for Every Closed File

$1,250 / file
This net fee is charged per loan your LOs close
(min. 10 branch closings per month)

We've simplified branch pricing and made it easy for your team to grow.

Your Brand - Branch DBA

Your DBA brand includes both Consumer-Facing Marketing and the Salesforce and MeridianLink LOS platforms
$4,999 / one-time

Employee Platform Fee

This fee is charged per branch employee using our end-to-end platform
$79 / per month

Client Direct Brand - No DBA

Ramp your branch up quickly by
leveraging our existing brand
$0 / one-time

Your DBA - Powered by CDM

Your Consumer-Facing Marketing incorporates your DBA logo featuring the Powered by CDM branding
$999 / one-time
Ramon Von Walker

Recruiting Team

Branch Recruiter

Blake Pelton
Brandon Forney
Andrea Walker

Branch Recruiter

Branch Recruiter

Branch Recruiter

Let's Talk

Let's discuss starting or moving your branch to Client Direct Mortgage. Grab an appointment with our President and CEO, Ramon Von Walker